How to: 2x72 Belt Grinder Build

This is a 2x72 belt grinder from steel tubing and plate. I based the design on Dan Comeau's build. (Link to his build & plans) I modified some things to make it work for me. Instead of .188 wall tubing I used .25 (1/4") and filed the weld seams. That made for a much better fit. That said, his design is really great, and makes a good place to start. I had fun with this one. Hope this page helps you on your journey to building this most powerful tool for your workshop.

Supplies I used to Make this Build

Platen I bought on eBay:
Tracking Wheel on eBay:
SCR Motor Controller:
Bridge Rectifier:

Links to all the tools I own and use: My Amazon Store

Ordered from (I am not affiliated with them): Cost $153 USD
QTY 3 - 2"x2"x10" 1/4 Wall A500 Square Steel Tube (main body of the grinder)
QTY 1 - 2"x2"x4" 1/4 Wall A500 Square Steel Tube (forward stantion)
QTY 1 - 2"x2"x3.5" 3/16 Wall A500 Square Steel Tube (tracking bracket)
QTY 1 - 1.5"x1.5"x13" 1/4" wall A500 Square Steel Tube (tensioning pillar)
QTY 1 - 1.5"x1.5"x17" 1/4" wall A500 Square Steel Tube (Platen Arm)
QTY 1 - 12"x24" 1/4 inch THICK A36 Steel Plate (Base)

Some Things to Consider:

Originally I build this grinder with a DC Treadmill motor and SCR motor controller. I bought the entire treadmill for $80 on Facebook marketplace, it was a good deal, until it wasn't. I explain why the failure happened in this video, but ultimately I decided to convert over to an AC Motor and VFD. These are parts I used to make that happen.

2HP Motor (compatible with VFD):

I still believe you can make this happen with a treadmill motor and SCR motor controller, as long as you get a solid motor to begin with.